Business Overview

Our main business activities currently are trading of telecommunication devices such as cellular phones and spare parts, accessories, recharge vouchers as well as repair services and content providers through subsidiaries. Currently the majority of our consolidated revenues come from recharge vouchers and mobile phones sales. But we  also see the development of business content and after-sales services to support our business activities that will make us an integrated provider of tools and services in the telecommunication industry.

For mobile phone recharge vouchers, we have partnership with PT Telekomunikasi Selular and PT XL Axiata Tbk as the suppliers. Through its subsidiary, PT Telesindo Shop (TS) and PT Excell Utama Indonesia (EUI), we have signed co-operation agreements with these operators. But with the entry of PT PINS Indonesia as one of the shareholdersof the Company in 2014, we will focus on the distribution of the Telkom Group’s products, particularly Telkomsel.
In addition to distributing recharge vouchers and global mobile phone brands, we are also developing our own mobile phone brand. For its own brand, we do not have a dependency on suppliers. We have a partnersh with a good quality supplier from China. However, we are free to determine the supplier of mobile phones to be marketed. In regard to maintaining the quality of the mobile phone to be purchased, we conduct quality control to the products before they are delivered.