Corporate Secretary

The roles of the Corporate Secretary are to follow the development of capital markets, particularly the regulations on capital market and provide input to the Board of Directors to comply with the applicable provisions of the Capital Markets, to provide information on the Company’s condition to the public/shareholders and to become a bridge between the Issuer and Financial Services Authority and the community.

The Corporate Secretary is an element who ensures that good corporate governance can be implemented well in the Company. Through Letter of Appointment dated 24 June 2011, the Company has appointed Semuel Kurniawan as Corporate Secretary.

Some of the taks and responsibiliteis of Corporate Secretary are to  implement and oversee the rules relating to compliance with capital market regulations, to organize Company's events as a public company, such as the AGM, corporate actions and public expose.

Corporate Secretary also coordinated with the relevant internal work units / external agencies to facilitate corporate activities and increase the effectiveness of working procedures related to the activities of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners, to  oordinate and monitore activities related to the delivery of corporate information as well as the implementation of the Board of Directors’ and Board of Commissioners’ meeting.

Acted as a bridge between the Company and the Financial Services Authority, the Indonesia Stock Exchange and other exchanges and community members. Communicated information relating to the Company to the media, the general public and other stakeholders.