Tiphone inaugurated Samsung Experience Store in Bandung

President Director PT Tiphone Mobile Indonesia Tbk Tan Lie Pin said Bandung is the third largest city in the Company’s product marketing after Jakarta and Surabaya, despite the uniqueness of Bandung consumers compared to other regions.

"Bandung is a unique city, the people are creative, so the specification of gadgets needed is also different," he told reporters in Bandung, Sunday (08/12/2017).

According to that, Tiphone and PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia inaugurated the outlet Samsung Experience Store in 23 Paskal. The outlet is the second one opened in Bandung and the 28th in Indonesia.
"For Bandung previously we already have outlets in the BEC," he said
However there are differences between outlets in the BEC and at 23 Paskal. She said outlets in BEC only sell products, while the outlet in 23 Paskal also providing service center. In addition, the new outlet also designed in a modern and comfortable way. There are also original product displays that can be tested by the consumers.
"This store comes with a unique new concept, we always continue to improve service to consumers," she said. The product display Samsung outlet at 23 Paskal is an original one. The outlet is also serviced by the experts  who will help the consumer in explaining the product knowledges. 
Meanwhile, the concept of this brand-new Samsung store combines a modern and elegant design that  comfortable with the function of digital display and latest technology. The Samsung Experience Store is designed to meet the elegance of a modern and lifestyle.
Samsung Experience Store is also equipped with free WiFi, to facilitate consumers in downloading various mobile applications such as movies, games, social media without reducing the quota of their data packets.
The outlet also provide My Samsung service  called Samsung Care. These Samsung Care Officers will help consumers, such as moving all files and applications from old phones to new mobile phones, consulting about Samsung apps, and providing professional advice on various matters related to Samsung's products, features and technology.
"As a trust from Samsung, we will provide the best service for consumers," she concluded.